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12 Bushel Recycling Carts

manufactured by Granger Plastics


12 Bushel Recycling Carts are commonly used in places where aluminum can and plastic bottle recycling is a frequent practice. Universities, Corporations, Charitable Organizations, Hotels, Day Cares, Health Fitness centers and many other places fulfill their recycling container needs with a 12 Bushel recycling cart from Granger Plastics. The 12 Bushel Recycling Cart is mobile, yet durable for everyday recycling collection use. The smooth interior of the 12 Bushel Recycling Cart allows for the container to be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use! The durable 12 Bushel Poly Recycling Carts make recycling collection in nearly any facility an ease! The 12 Bushel Recycling carts are tough, rugged and durable for many years of use in nearly any environment! The new addition of a durable, polymer base, allow for the 12 Bushel Recycling cart from Granger Plastics to operate in areas, where competitors carts with Plywood bases are commonly known to fail. While plywood bases on recycling carts commonly break, splinter and create contamination issues, the poly base recently introduced by Granger Plastics allows for rugged use, easy cleaning and no contamination issues. The Granger Plastics 12 Bushel Recycling Carts come standard with a 5" caster to provide easy mobility and turning.

Green Recycling Carts, REcycled Content Recylcing Carts,

"Green" recycling carts

Available from 100% recycled LLDPE

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Fits tight doorways

Compact 12 Bushel design fits tight corners

Ergonomically friendly laundry cart,

Ergonomic friendly

Smooth interior walls and finger safe edges

Bulk Storage Container, Document Storage Container, Secure Document Storage

Smooth interior

Smoother Interior of 12 Busehl Laundry Cart

12 Bushel Recycling Cart Features

  • Nestable
  • Easily cleanable, no sharp corners
  • 5" caster standard
  • Available in USDA/FDA approved materials & recycled materials
  • Chemically resistant- Call for chemical compatible list
  • Colors at no extra cost! (Minimum Quantities apply)
  • Available with a wide range of drains and fittings
  • Available with anti-microbial and anti-fungal protection
  • Capacity (Pounds) 600
  • 15 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • Outside Top 40" L x 29" W
  • Bottom ID 33"L x 24"W
  • Overall Height 36" (with 5" casters)
  • 12 Bushel Laundry Cart, 12 Bushel Cart, 12 Bushel Cube Truck

    12 Bushel Recycling Cart manufactured by Granger Plastics

    Like the other recycling carts manufactured by Granger Plastics, the 12 Bushel Recycling Cart can be stenciled to have your company's name, department, location, use or nearly any text stenciled to the outside of the container. Also, permanently molded in graphics are an option for the 12 Bushel Recycling Carts (minimum order & art charges apply).

    Recycling Cart Color Options

    12 Bushel Recycling Cart Black, Black 12 Bushel recycling Cart


    12 Bushel recycling Cart Cool Grey, Grey 12 Bushel recycling Cart

    Cool Grey

    12 Bushel recycling Cart, Wine, Wine 12 Bushel recycling Cart


    12 Bushel recycling Cart, Red 12 Bushel recycling Cart

    Cardinal Red

    Orange 12 Bushel recycling Cart, 12 Bushel recycling Cart Orange


    12 Bushel recycling Cart Natural, Translucent recycling Cart, 12 Bushel Natural recycling Cart


    12 Bushel recycling Cart Blue, Blue 12 Bushel recycling Carts


    Brown 12 Bushel recycling Carts, 12 Bushel recycling Carts, Brown


    12 Bushel recycling Carts, Translucent recycling Carts, Natural 12 Bushel recycling Carts


    12 Bushel recycling Carts, Purple 12 Bushel recycling Carts


    Custom color 12 bushel recycling carts, 12 bushel recycling carts custom colors


    The 12 Bushel laundry carts can also be stenciled to have either your corporate name on the carts, or maybe you need a certain department name on the cart. Whatever your stenciling needs may be, Granger Plastics can help you with your stenciled 12 Bushel Laundry Cart needs!

    Stenciled Laundry Cart, Stenciled Recycling Carts, Stenciled Linen Carts, Stenciled Linen Trucks

    (2) 16 cubic foot capacity carts custom stenciled for customer

    Whether you need a 12 Bushel cart, or a 40 cubic foot capacity Bulk Storage container, Granger Plastics has a solution for your material handling needs! Offering a range of off the shelf Laundry, Recycling and Hospital Carts, Granger Plastics also custom molds a number of Laundry carts for a number of the major players in the material handling industry! Look no further for your partner in Rotomolded Laundry Carts! Granger Plastics is the answer!

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    12 Bushel Recycling Cart Information

    For more information on the 12 Bushel Laundry Cart by Granger Plastics, click the image below for an informational PDF file on the 12 Bushel Laundry Cart

    12 Bushel Cart, Granger 12 Bushel, Granger Laundry Cart, Granger Step Truck, Recycling Cart, Laundry Tote

    Click the above image to download a PDF on the 12 Bushel Laundry Cart

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